Thursday, April 25, 2024

Sorenson’s Ranch School

Here at SRS we are here to help students with all sorts of problems. We have experienced and educated therapists. Our therapists have one on one sessions help students with whatever issues are present. Also, students participate in group therapy in which a group of kids with the same problems sit together with the group therapists and have a session about overcoming anger, depression, and adoption issues. Students also learn life skills, along with values and integrity. Our group therapists usually have the students watch a movie about someone who went through similar things they are going through or how they overcame problems. SRS only accepts students between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. There is a boy’s side of the campus and a girl’s side of the campus. When possible, we try to let the boys and girls here interact with one another but only under supervision. We put kids of the same age into the same cabins and also put kids who need staff monitoring into a cabin called MPR. For school we have a 5-day school week all year long. During school we have the boys and girls separated and put into different classes and different lunch times. The boys and girls get to have co-ed breakfast and passing periods to talk for a bit. If a student is really behind in invited school, we can put them on ACP. After applying to go into the ACP program, students are able to work on any class and have extra time. They may go as fast as they want to in those stay afterschool during incomplete time. This allows students to catch up or get ahead. ACP is usually for students who are in 7 to 12 grade who are very behind and need to graduate quickly. There are seven periods at school. Here we have a level system. There are four levels of behavior and each level allows you to do different things and have more pr. 1. Level one is the level for kids who don’t follow guidelines, don’t get along with staff and peers, argue, etc. They work on project that give them the chance to improve their levels and behavior skills. They may do service projects also. Point wise for level ones are below 1000 points or in the negatives. 2. Level 2’s are kids who just got off level one or are new here will be. Being a level 2 means the kids are doing good, trying to do their 2’s will be able to watch documentaries only, ride horses, and won’t have to work all day. Point wise for level 2’s are anything below 4000 points and above 1000 points. 3. Level 3’s are kids who follow rules, do their work, do their program, are respectful to staff, and want to do better. They get to watch movies, go to the pool, go on campouts, workout in the weight room, ride horses, and can make money (5$ an hour). Point wise for level threes are anything above 4000 points or below 9000 points. 4. Level 4’s are kids who follow directions, rules, expectations, get along with others, are respectful to staff, focus on their program, focus on school, and do more than they should when helping out staff when cleaning an activity or whatever activity they are on. They get to watch movies, go on campouts, go to the pool, work out in weight room, ride horses, and can work at the Red Clover CafĂ© (7.25 $ an hour). Point wise for level fours are anything above 9000 points and below 9500 points. Some of the activities are crafts, softball or soccer, water activities, watch movies or documentaries, cook lunch or dinner. We sometimes go to the gym and play basketball or work out in the weight room, ride horses, go on campouts or horse campouts, go to the pool, movies, go off campus and go fishing or just to hangout. Sometimes we have are co-ed activities. On holidays like Christmas, we have co-ed activities and we get the kids some gifts and give them the gifts sent from their parents. On birthdays students get to have their own cake. They get their gifts no matter what level they are. During Halloween students sometimes go trick-or-treating or have a Halloween party. Students can have visits with their family which can be on-campus visits, off-campus visits (in town), and home visits for 1 week or 2 weeks. Students are allowed to order stuff from Amazon if they have earned the money. They can buy: • Legos • Clothing • Shoes