Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday Activities for Girls

Every Tuesday evening of each month teachers Rhonda Robinson and Tina Somers of Sorenson’s Ranch School, a private school for troubled teens, have been doing some fun and unique activities with Level 3, 4, and 5 girls. In February the girls learned how to make homemade bread. They worked in groups of four and each made their own mini-loaf that they enjoyed at the end of the activity. The girls learned how to follow a recipe from beginning to end, and learned why and how bread rises. That night they also started copying recipes to begin making cookbooks that they can have after they leave Sorenson’s Ranch School.
On the next Tuesday the girls made Valentines for everyone on the Sorenson’s Ranch School campus. They also made homemade cupcakes and learned to carve flowers out of gumdrops to put on top of the cupcakes. The girls enjoyed making Valentines for everyone and felt the satisfaction of serving others, something that troubled teens rarely feel because of being so wrapped up in themselves.
February 16th was our Sorenson’s Ranch School Etiquette dinner. A group of four girls planned, shopped, and cooked the entire meal without help. They also learned how to properly set a table, place a napkin on their lap, and how to use proper manners while eating. This was a unique opportunity for adolescents with behavioral difficulties to practice the art of using good manners. The menu consisted of chicken, corn-on-the-cob, homemade biscuits, fruit, punch, and ice cream sundaes.
The last week of the month, we had an “Egyptian” day for the entire school at Sorenson’s. The materials that were covered met academic goals in Social Studies, English, Foods, Science, Math, and Art. It also accomplished the goal of exposing the students of Sorenson’s Ranch School to other cultures of the world in the hopes of expanding their view of their world. Troubled teens tend to have a narrow view of the world and of their part in it. The outline below shows how the day went. The kids had a great time.
• Artifacts display, maps, and vocabulary terms.
• Watch and discuss Pharaoh’s Voyage, the Discovery of a Boat.
• Discuss the Pyramids.
• Watch Mr. Mummy, a video of the mummification process.
• Mummify a lemon.
• Create and decorate a personal sarcophagus.
• Write names using Egyptian hieroglyphs and create a cartouche.
• Make and bake an Apricot Egyptian cake.

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