Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life Skills Activity Nights Are Back at Sorenson’s Ranch School!

Beginning in November at Sorenson’s Ranch, Rhonda Robinson and Tina Somers will be bringing back Life Skills Activity Nights for both the boys and girls. On Monday and Thursday nights, the students will be attending classes that will offer them some much needed skills. Troubled teens tend to be lacking in many skills that are needed in life.
In November they will not only learn to read a recipe, but also how to make the recipe. We will be making Rice Crispy treats, and we will begin creating our own recipe books. Each week the teens will add a new recipe to their books. When they get out on their own, they will have a collection of recipes they can use.
Some of the other activities will include crafts, learning to do laundry, learning to keep track of finances, learning how to place orders for items, learning how to budget money in order to live on their own, as well as other life skills. The students really enjoy these activities, and they learn many valuable lessons.
Many teens that have experienced behavioral problems while going through adolescence drop out of school and enter the “real world” without a clue as to how to do any of the things that will be taught in these activities. Along with these types of activities, Sorenson’s Ranch School offers troubled teens a wide range of experiences that help them grow into well-rounded adults capable of facing the challenges of a complicated, busy world.

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