Friday, December 17, 2010

Sorensons Ranch

On December 15, Jody Brand and Marlene Hatch took 13 girls to Snow College South for a tour of the cosmetology department. They were able to see the classroom where the students do all their bookwork. They also saw the different rooms where the students practice cutting hair on mannequins, practice doing nails on each other, both acrylic and gel, and of course where they do manicures for each other. We went to a huge room where our girls watched the students at the college practice cutting hair on real people. The college students were all laughing, and having a great time. They made going to school there look like so much fun.
Chad Price our tour guide and head of the cosmetology department, told the girls that there is 1 hour of bookwork for every 5 hours of practical work.
Our girls were each assigned one of the students going to cosmetology school to give them a manicure. They were able to talk to them one on one and ask them all the questions that they had about the cosmetology program. The main thing that seemed to make a big impression on our girls was that you can get a great job that is fun, and pays well, while you continue your education.
It was great for our students to be introduced to new ideas and see some of the opportunities available to them.

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