Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Truth about Tobacco Assembly at Sorenson’s Ranch School

Adam Bromwell, who is employed by The Truth, an anti-Tobacco organization which is funded through money that was received in a law suit against tobacco companies, visited Sorenson’s Ranch School on Thursday, February 3rd, and gave a presentation entitled, “The Truth about Tobacco”. All of Sorenson’s students attended this dynamic presentation and were given the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Adam as he talked about the dangers of tobacco products and the marketing that the tobacco companies use to target the younger generations.
Adam shared many interesting facts with the Sorenson’s Ranch School staff and students about tobacco, some of which I will share with you. One out of three people who smoke will die of a tobacco related disease. Twelve hundred smokers die per day worldwide from tobacco diseases, which is five million per year. Tobacco kills more people then AIDS, car accidents, suicides, and homicides combined. There are 500 chemicals in each cigarette and 43 of those are known to cause cancer. Cigarettes are as addictive as marijuana and cocaine, and they change the way a teenager’s brain looks and works. Chewing tobacco has 28 cancer causing chemicals and has serious health consequences as well.
Adam focused on how tobacco companies target the younger generations in their marketing campaigns. Tobacco can be purchased that is flavored to taste a lot like candy, and some of the packing resembles the packing of candy. This is disturbing that a product that is manufactured for adults is being made to appeal to our children, to get them addicted, which in turn puts money in the pockets of the CEO’s of these tobacco companies. There is 12.4 billion dollars per year being spent on tobacco advertising. These ads are being seen by minors and are appealing to them as well. Four thousand kids a day try their first cigarette worldwide.
Adam’s message was strong and well received by the students. The students asked many questions, became involved in this presentation, and thanked him for sharing his message. As you talk to your teenager, ask them about this presentation and find out what interesting things they learned.

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