Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sorenson’s Ranch School Participating in the Wellness Works Utah Program

Sorenson’s Ranch School is participating in a 4-H program called “Wellness Works Utah” for the next ten weeks. The program promotes healthy living through fun and educational programming. It does this by the use of team-work skills, pro-social activities, nutrition education, and physical activity. There was an assembly on Monday, April 11, in the Sorenson’s Ranch School gymnasium to explain the program and to sign up teams. Students and Sorenson’s Ranch staff are participating in teams of two to five people. The teams are same sex and are all students, all staff, or a combination of students and staff.
The program consists of taking some pre-test measurements (such as heart rate, blood pressure, body mass index, percent body fat, and weight), tracking exercise for ten weeks, and then taking a post test on the same measurements. An additional element of the program is the “Walk across Utah.” The teams will be figuring their virtual mileage each week and tracking their progress on a trail across Utah. Teams can earn bonus miles for such things as not drinking any soda the first week, doing 20 sit-ups in one minute the second week, sleeping a minimum of eight hours per night the third week, and so on. The areas of focus in the Bonus Mile System are aerobic, strength, balance, flexibility, nutrition, sleep, stress and life skills. There will be a variety of prizes at the end for winners in different categories.
Sorenson’s Ranch School staff and students are excited to be participating in this program. Being a team-based program brings a fun level of competition that supports motivation. Most everyone needs a little motivation when it comes to getting and staying in shape.

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