Monday, September 12, 2011

Science at Sorenson’s Ranch School

My primary purpose as a science teacher at Sorenson’s Ranch School is to make science and technology go hand in hand. Field trips and hands-on experience helps me tremendously to accomplish this task.

Science teaches thinking skills which control our ability to succeed in life. Without these critical thinking skills, the ability to become successful is greatly decreased. So many new technologies are springing up everywhere. It’s my job as a science teacher to create the opportunity for learning in this space-age environment.

I also desire that students feel a learning atmosphere in my classroom. They always need to feel free to ask any question that they desire. Learning should be a life-long skill that enhances life.

Mastery learning is rapidly becoming a necessity as a part of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. Skills are becoming more specialized and students need to know how to be self-directed learners.

Science can teach them to think and analyze problems through the use of the scientific method. This method teaches them to become that self-directed learner. Students need to feel that their instructors care about their learning. Once they feel that caring atmosphere, they will actually begin to care about their own learning.

In summary, teaching at Sorenson’s Ranch School is rewarding, challenging, and fruitful as we see students change and grow.

Steve Nielson
Spanish & Science Teacher
Sorenson’s Ranch School

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