Monday, March 30, 2020

Growth and Change

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road… Unless you fail to make the turn.” This is a quote in the lobby of the school at Sorenson’s Ranch School. The only true “constant” in life is change. Sometimes we willingly choose to change our circumstances, such as when we search out new job opportunities or love interests or go on diets for better health. Sometimes change is thrust upon us because of things beyond our control: natural disasters, accidents, loss of employment, sickness, disease, death, or even through consequences of our actions or the actions of others. Despite the means by which change finds its way into our lives, we have control of our mindset. As our circumstances and opportunities change, whether by our own decisions or by factors beyond our control, it is ultimately an individual choice as to how we will respond to these changes. Most people fear change whether or not the change will bring positive rewards. People are creatures of habit, and it is easy to get “stuck in the bend” rather than moving forward to greater things at the end of the road. This is due to our mindset during these times of change. Even if we are willingly making a change, if our mindset is not 100 percent focused on the end result being positive, we often get de-railed and wonder why we made the decision to make a change in the first place. However, the opposite is also true. If someone is positive and optimistic during times of duress and unanticipated change, things most often turn out for the better. Everything in life starts with mindset (i.e., how people they think about themselves and the world around them, and how they adapt to the constant changes going on in life). Positive mindset is the foundation of success and happiness. Research shows that successful people have a “growth” mindset. This means that they believe that every day can be better than the day before. They know that even little changes can add up to make big changes over time. That realize that if they do make a mistake, it’s okay. They know that direction is more important than speed. It’s natural and healthy to experience a wide range of thoughts and feelings, including less pleasant ones like disappointment, sadness, or guilt. There are no wrong thoughts-some thoughts just don’t serve people as well as others. A person’s brain is a very powerful tool. The human brain has the amazing ability to change and adapt by forming and eliminating connections between cells (neurons). The more a person practices using positive self-talk and having a “growth mindset”, the better he/she will get at it. At Sorenson’s Ranch, students are given the opportunity to embrace every day with a positive, growth mindset. No matter how bad yesterday was, today is a new day. As is common in everyday life, students sometimes get stuck in the bend of the road and fail to make the turn for a while. They fail to recognize the greater adventure that awaits them on a more positive road ahead.. However, with time to practice and support from staff, most successfully navigate the changes that come while attending the ranch Change is the most common, yet most overlooked force in this world. Though it is feared by many, it brings with it great opportunity. No matter the changes that arise in our lives, with a little perspective and a growth mindset every change brought into our lives can ultimately empower, inspire, and direct us on a path that will lead to individual success. Do not fear those bends in your road. They are NOT the end of the road, but an opportunity to learn more, see more, and do more along the journey.

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