Thursday, March 19, 2020

Technology and one-on-one teaching in the small classroom

At Sorenson’s Ranch School, I have come to the realization that one-on-one teaching, combined with technology in the classroom, enhances the learning process immensely. One of my responsibilities here at the school is teaching Spanish. I use a special Spanish compact disc that helps with speaking and pronouncing words correctly. Students are able to hear Spanish being spoken by a native speaker as they also follow along in a booklet. After using this CD and booklet, I then work with the student one-on-one, hearing him/her speak and correcting anything that is mispronounced. This really gives me an advantage in reaching and teaching each student. It also greatly enhances the students’ mastery of the skills necessary to properly speak Spanish. One on one teaching helps me really understand the needs of each student. Because of the nature of our facility, our clientele face different issues and individual struggles in understanding concepts. One-on-one instruction allows me to modify in accordance with their learning challenges. This pays off in increased comprehension and higher test scores. I love the feeling of watching the eyes of a student light up after he/she has mastered a new concept! My students frequently mention how much they enjoy the small class sizes here at SRS. They say that they often felt lost in the crowd in previous schools when attending classes with thirty or more students per class. It has been a true privilege to continue to try to change student lives here at Sorenson’s Ranch School. By continuing to refine our use of technology, take advantage of our small class sizes, and use one-on-one teaching whenever possible, I believe we are on the correct path to changing student lives. Trying to make a difference in a the life of a child is why I keep teaching.

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